J.Co Donuts & Coffee

Category : Food & Beverages
Sub-Category : Café / Bistro
Level : 1
Lot : J1-07 & 08

J.Co Donuts & Coffee prides itself on being an international premium Donuts and Coffee brand, serving the finest donuts and beverages to its customers. This award-winning brand proudly presents a large variety of donuts which will definitely grab your attention with their appetizing looks and even better tastes. Other specialties include the ever refreshing J.Cool Yogurt, which is fat-free and comes with toppings such as fruits, almonds and even Kit Kats. To further satisfy your appetite, there are also delectable J.Club sandwiches. Their beverages are also outstanding, especially their JCoccino and Choco Forest Freeze. Located at a bright cosy corner of the mall, it offers a cozy nook to spend time with friends and family or simply by yourself.