SK Gold

Category : Fashion
Sub-Category : Watches & Jewellery
Level : 1
Lot : J1-04.

A symbol of lavishness and opulence, SK’s gold steals the limelight with its flawless craftsmanship and impeccable. SK 999 Pure Gold ensures that its gold is of the highest gold purity at 99% and thus hopes to reignite and sustain an innate desire to acquire gold jewellery with its first pure gold collection. After all, gold is a significant mainstay fixture in Asian weddings since it is valuable and highly sought-after; symbolic of eternal happiness, good-fortune and prosperity and a love unaltered by the passage of time. This dazzling collection displays contemporary interpretations of traditional gold at its finest; suitable for elaborate occasions. In addition, these gold jewelleries make excellent heirlooms as well, priceless blessings handed down from one generation to another. If you seek a gift literally made of gold, make your way down to ‘SK 999 Pure Gold’ and let yourself be captivated by these beauties.