Mid-Autumn Promotion 2017

Mid-Autumn Promotion 2017
Date : 14 September 2017 – 3 October 2017 (20 days)
Location : Level 1 Entire Atrium

Behold, the time for lanterns and mooncakes is almost here and JB City Square brings great tidings and splendid news. So get ready to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival in the mall’s level 1 atrium which will be decked out in vibrant colours and decorations. This festival will be held from the 14th of September to the 3rd of October 2017 and is a festival that shouldn’t be missed. So spread the word and come celebrate this grand time with JB City Square. There’s nothing better than that!

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival theme is one in a million; displaying the beautiful goddess, Chang E, on a bright full moon with her adorable and fluffy rabbit companion. This is definitely a photo opportunity that should be grasped to capture the exquisite beauty of tradition.

With 35 promotional booths occupying the entire atrium, resistance towards the buzzing atmosphere and the scrumptious smell of food and snacks will be almost impossible. Besides an assortment of mooncakes, there will be other foodstuff and items on sale such as barbecue meat, titbits, herbal tea and a selection of modern and traditional lanterns.