St. Ella

Category : Beauty & Wellness
Sub-Category : Beauty & Personal Care
Level : 2
Lot : MK2-10

St. Ella New York is a homegrown brand borne of the efforts of Datin Dr. Stella K. Y. Chin, a world-renowned. ‘Beauty’, according to St. Ella, is a combination of inner beauty (such as intelligence, personality and charm) and outer beauty, such as health and youthfulness. To achieve this, St Ella’s offers natural products made using advanced technology. St. Ella’s products, such as its cosmetics, skincare and anti-aging line are made of the purest ingredients which are free from preservatives, oil, fragrances and other chemicals and thus suitable for all skin types. Ultimately, St. Ella strives to maintain your youth, health and vibrant-looking skin by giving you the best you deserve.